*Networking opportunities 
*Guest speakers
*Radio interviews
*Hosting a Powerful Journey workshop 
*Power-packed coaching sessions 
*More power, more passion, more purpose 
*More profit
*Strategies & tools to turn your idea(s) into Profits!

What's in the Course?

In the EnHERpreneur™ Master Class you’ll discover:

 How to choose the right content with our Master Your Content Blueprint

 How to move from self-doubting your work to becoming a Confident writer

 How to pinpoint your targeted community of readers

 How to find time to write and being held accountable

 How to create your first draft

 How to edit your work and how to work with a professional editor

 How to build and launch your personal ‘Brand’ (logo creation, tagline, etc.)

 How to choose the right book cover

 How to market and pre-sale your book

In this 12 month course, you’ll learn this and much, much, more! You will become a Published Author on Amazon. Sign Me Up!

Just click the button below to pre-register and secure your spot. Not local? No worries, we Skype in students from around the nation. Enroll now and choose your preferred payment plan.

Let Your 'Vision' Take You There!

Do you lack direction and focus for your vision and dreams? In this training session, you will leave with a clear snapshot to drive you to your next level.

2. Me, A Published Author? Learn what it takes to become a published author and the steps to begin the process. You will begin the draft of writing your book. We will help you go from start to finish.

3. Come Follow Me!

Have you ever wondered how experts build their community of followers? Well, wonder NO More! You will learn how to successfully build 'Your Own' Community of followers, who will gladly spread the word about you.

4. Workshops 'R Us! In these sessions, I will share the strategies needed to put on your own successful workshop. Believe me, It's not as easy as it looks! But I'm ready to share the Do's and Don'ts, What works and What Won't to put on a successful workshop or seminar. After successfully learning these strategies, you will be invited to conduct an ‘Empowerment Breakout Session’ at the Annual Powerful Journey Women’s Conference on April 1, 2017 at the Hope Center in Plano, Texas. You will debut your new book and sell it at your vendor booth.

By joining this class, you’re proclaiming that you’re ready to ‘Flourish Forward’ toward your dreams and goals? By joining this class you are proclaiming that you’re tired of being stuck in the same place, doing the same old thing. By joining this class, you’re proclaiming that you’re ready to turn your Passion into Profit. You see, I’ve spent thousands of dollars to learn what I know and now I’m ready to teach it to you.

Take the first step into your Powerful Journey with Phyllis Jenkins! You must GO to GROW!

According to the Association of American Publishers, 82% of people want to

write a book, but ONLY a tiny fraction of them go on to actually write one.

Where do you fit in the number above?

Are you ready to be one of the successful few and finally write your own book?

Yes, I’m ready, Phyllis.