2014 Recipient Rose and her son

Phyllis Jenkins Presents

School has been going really well for me. The Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology program at UTD is fantastic. My professors are very knowledgable and experienced, and I am learning so much. I am now classified as a senior and I am on track to graduate this December. I'm currently taking 12 credits in Spring semester, and plan to take 12 credits in the Summer and Fall as well to finish up my degree. It is definitely always challenging juggling James' care needs and school. Last semester James was in the hospital twice with pneumonia. However, it is so rewarding to get closer to a degree that will allow me to be a better provider for James, and career that I feel very passionate about. Your kindness and the generosity of Powerful Journey have been such a blessing for me, and I appreciate your support so much. 

Here are some recent photos of James for you to see!

 Also a link to my Youtube channel if you'd like to see some videos of James.



The Madian Chumbley scholarship for single moms with a special needs child has helped me phenomenally with doing something many people struggle to do, single mom or not, and that's paying for a higher education. Student debt has become out of control in our country, and it's the biggest reason I had seconds thoughts about pursuing a third degree. Going after a Bachelor's was tough, but the biggest stress has been the aftermath after all the student loans I had to take out caught up and it was time to pay them back now. I decided to embark on Grad school, putting my trust in God that he would find a way to help me pay for tuition this time around so that I would not have to take out as many loans since tuition for Grad students is higher than Undergrad. Stressing about paying back my Undergrad student loans and about how to pay for Grad school on top of other bills, going to said Grad school, a full time job, etc. is tough. Add being a single mom of 2, one being a special needs child, can take a toll on anyone. Scholarships are also tough. They take a lot of time to complete, and when you're juggling a full plate, taking the time to apply for them when there is so much competition to win/ be awarded them can be discouraging. The odds are very slim, but when you create opportunities for women, specifically single mothers in need, its a bright light at the end of the tunnel for us, and we feel we have a chance. We feel noticed, that the world hasn't forgotten about us, and even, special. We're not the typical student, and many times we don't feel like we fit in our campuses. Knowing we are considered enough to have a shot at a scholarship exclusively means a lot. Being awarded this scholarship means everything. I've been able to take classes this summer that I otherwise would not have been able to afford. I'm one semester closer to having another degree because of it, and providing my kids with the life we deserve. 


2015 Recipient Hannah