Rose and James- 2014 & 2015 Education Scholarship for a single mom of a special needs child. 

Past Conference Highlights! In Case You Missed It!

Conference Testimonies                                    

I could give you many reasons to attend, but let's hear from some women who attended last year's conference. I came into the conference last year expecting to find a predictable array of motivational sessions designed to lift my spirit for a few days. Much to my surprise, I found strong, confident Christian women relating their challenges and successes through career and entrepreneurial activities, blended with their faith. The message that I took out of the conference was that women can find success in career and family in this day, at any age, yet remain committed to the Christian values that yield eternal impact.  
Vickie Moore    

​My experience was an experience that I will never forget. It was filled with encouraging words, and ideas to help me develop personal growth. I loved it!
​Ebony Igbineweka

Having been a participant on the Speakers Platform  in 2014, not only am I ALL IN on the  Journey  from Vision to Victory, I am more than ever sure of my purpose and the direction I am going! To go to a Conference  where you come away  excited and motivated  is a great thing, but to add to it tools to equip  and assist you on your  journey is Paramount! That's  exactly  what the Powerful  Journey  Conference is all about!  I was so full of information and strategies  that I could not eat my lunch! Seriously!  The coaching  that I have received  and continue to receive from Phyllis Jenkins  (founder and Owner of Powerful  Journey),  is the very reason that I can deliver my story with PASSION and PURPOSE!  I am so thankful  to her for helping  me channel my dreams to a VISABLE  and OBTAINABLE goal!  I so look foward to this new year and walking into my purpose as my journey unfolds!

Edna Roberts
(Bout that Lemonade  Life!) 

The Powerful Journey Conference exceeded my expectations. The information shared was brilliant and educational.  The workshop was extremely insightful and well worth the time. The workshop was an excellent source on how you can put forth your dreams into reality. I was very excited to get home and implement the things I learned. 

Rosemary Hollins